About Us


Frasco Investment Corporation  founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a private business company focused on providing customized projects in Construction & Engineering, Agrobusiness, Energy, Mining, International Trade and develop its solutions to public and private market business investments.

Investment Approach

We seek to approach investment primarily in the senior different sectors and, to a lesser extent, the subordinated debt of public and private companies to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns for our investors partnership. In connection with our debt investments, we may on occasion receive or purchase equity interests such as common and preferred stock, warrants or options. FIC is differentiated by our flexible investment strategy which allows us to invest across the corporate capital structure and provide diversified exposure across multiple Construction & Engineering, Agrobusiness, Energy, Mining, housing, logistics and International Trade, More realistic business, analyzing and creating studies to its project. Our core investment strategy is focused on direct originations and opportunistic investments, which we believe allow us to take advantage of market inefficiencies. In certain circumstances we may also opportunistically invest in the broadly syndicated loan and high yield bond markets. .


Frasco Investment Corporation is advised by technical advisors, seeks to Capital Partners, a leading manager of debt-focused alternative investment funds, the credit platform from funders who facilitate to public private area. It seeks partners to invest and turn on the economy development in the country.

Core Investment Strategies

Our primary focus is to leverage our size by credit platform to source transactions for our core investment strategies which include direct originations and opportunistic investments.

Direct Origination

Our direct lending business provides capital solutions and to facilitate the developement for private public investors currently underserved by traditional lenders:

  • Leading, defensible market positions
  • Facilitate developement
  • Grants on positive partenariat
  • Positive cash flows and growth potential
  • Proven management teams
  • Viable exit strategies
  • Find solution for Energy Development in Africa

Opportunistic Investments

In addition to sourcing new direct originations, we look to identify opportunistic investments through which we could capitalize on market price inefficiencies. The opportunistic investments in our portfolio are typically purchased at a discount to par and have potential for meaningful capital appreciation. Such opportunities may include, among other things:

  • Event-driven investments
  • International products orders seek by the public private area
  • Collateralized securities

Although our primary focus is to invest in directly originated transactions and opportunistic investments, in certain circumstances we will also invest in the broadly syndicated loan and high yield markets. Specifically, we seek to leverage the scale of best solutions for public area to reach its economy scale by credit loans and encourage investors to invest in country, region and world wide.